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Car Accident

The Impact of Car Accidents on Family Members and Caregivers

By J. Allan Brown |

You start your day by driving to work or the airport. It’s just like any other day until it isn’t. If you live in Alabama, statistics show that you have a one-in-three chance of being involved in a car accident in your lifetime. If you are lucky, a fender bender will leave your car… Read More »

Distracted Driving Truck Accident Lawyer

The Dangers of Distracted Driving for Commercial Truck Drivers

By J. Allan Brown |

In recent years, Amazon and online shopping options have helped fuel a boom in the trucking and delivery service industry. To accommodate consumers who have come to expect fast delivery times, the trucking industry has expanded to integrate e-commerce technology, logistics, and globalization. As a result, you have likely already seen more commercial trucks… Read More »

Punitive Damages Personal Injury Lawyer Mobile al

Understanding Punitive Damages in Alabama Personal Injury Cases

By J. Allan Brown |

“Punitive” describes compensatory damages awarded in a personal injury case. As it suggests, punitives are intended to punish the defendant when its conduct is especially egregious. The punishment is intentional to deter such actions in the future. In a Mobile, Alabama, personal injury case, punitive damages, not criminal damages, can be awarded in a… Read More »

Drowsy Driving Truck Accidents

Drowsy Driving and Truck Accidents in Mobile, AL

By J. Allan Brown |

Do you pay attention to large trucks driving on a highway or any road? Whether a semi, 16-wheeler, commercial motor vehicle, delivery truck, or even a school bus, if you see sudden movement on the highway, you usually get out of the way and fast. Any sudden movement can mean the driver is not… Read More »

Car Accidents Holidays

The Heightened Risk of Car Accidents During the Holidays

By J. Allan Brown |

In Alabama in 2021, there was a traffic crash every 3 minutes and 27 seconds. That same year, 986 people lost their lives in 887 fatal crashes. Speeding, driving distracted, drugs and alcohol, not wearing your seat belt – all of these are significant contributors to car accidents. Those numbers increase during the holidays…. Read More »

car accidents families

How Catastrophic Car Accidents Affect Families

By J. Allan Brown |

You may have noticed that drivers in Mobile, AL are sometimes careless behind the wheel, speeding, failing to use a turn signal, tailing behind another car too close, and cutting off a vehicle. Most of the time, motorists get away with these reckless actions. But then life catches up with you. A Mobile, AL… Read More »

Dog Bite

Dog Bite Dangers – What To Do if Your Child is Attacked by a Dog

By J. Allan Brown |

These things generally happen without much notice. Suddenly, a dog jumps a fence and heads straight for your child. You are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 800,000 people suffer a dog bite yearly, severe enough to seek medical attention. Half of these victims are children, particularly… Read More »

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The Connection Between Speeding and Fatal Accidents

By J. Allan Brown |

Many Alabama drivers are issued speeding tickets every year. This is not just a revenue generator for the municipalities. Roads are designed to handle traffic traveling at a certain limited speed. Exceed the speed, and you are putting your life or the lives of others at risk. Speeding is the cause of fatalities in… Read More »

Mobile Alabama auto accident Attorney

Common Causes of Roundabout Accidents

By J. Allan Brown |

You may be aware of more roundabout driving options on our roads these days. Actually, the roundabout is nothing new. A French architect invented the roundabout in 1877, while at the same time, an American architect was proposing a similar plan to route traffic. A roundabout is one or two traffic lanes around a… Read More »

Impact of Car Accidents on Senior Drivers

Understanding the Impact of Car Accidents on Senior Drivers

By J. Allan Brown |

Baby boomers are Americans born between 1946 and 1964, after the world wars and during the mid-20th century baby boom. Because there were so many, an estimated 76 million were born, and they greatly impacted U.S. society during a time of increasing affluence and profound political instability. Those boomers are aging, and it’s predicted… Read More »

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