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bicycle accident attorney in Mobile, AlabamaFew modes of transportation are more efficient and healthier than a bicycle. Indeed, with a bicycle it is possible to travel vast distances in just a few hours, all while staying healthy and avoiding the use of any gasoline. Furthermore, riding a bike allows you to appreciate natural beauty that you may not have noticed from the confines of a car.

Of course, while riding a bicycle does have its benefits, it has certain downsides too. The greatest issue associated with biking around in Mobile is the danger that you face each time you head out the door. According to data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) a total of 743 cyclists lost their lives in 2013, and a significant amount more sustained minor to catastrophic injuries.

Ultimately, the best way to avoid being involved in a bicycle accident in Mobile is by remaining vigilant and following several safety tips. If you or a loved one is injured, however, while riding a bike, it is in your best interests to reach out to a dedicated Alabama personal injury attorney immediately to examine your case and for assistance in recovering the compensation that you deserve.

How to Stay Safe while Riding a Bike in Mobile

The next time you leave home on your bike, make sure to consider these tips to protect yourself as you ride around town:

  • Wear a helmet. Perhaps one of the best ways to avoid being catastrophically injured while riding your bike in Mobile is by wearing your helmet each time you choose to cycle around town. While wearing a helmet won’t decrease your chances of being involved in an accident, it can certainly save your life if you are struck by a car.
  • Stay visible. In addition to wearing a helmet, it is imperative that you take all efforts to stay visible while riding your bicycle. To do so, make sure to ride with a light at all times, even when it’s not dark outside. In addition, try to wear brightly colored clothing when riding on the streets, as well as a reflective vest. Finally, avoid riding in the blind spots of cars or trucks to help avoid an accident.
  • Be wary, and do ride aggressively. Ultimately, there is very little to protect a bicyclist in the event of a crash. Indeed, while drivers are covered by thousands of pounds of steel, nothing stands in between a bicyclist and the pavement. In light of this, when heading out for a ride, cyclists should make sure to be wary and avoid riding in an aggressive manner. This means yielding to drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists whenever possible, riding at or under the speed limit, obeying all laws of traffic, and generally doing whatever else possible to stay out of an accident. In some cases, drivers may show irritation towards cyclists and attempt to scare or threaten them. If you find yourself in this position, do not escalate the situation; instead, avoid any confrontation, and call law enforcement if you feel in danger.

While there is nothing you can do to completely eliminate your chances of being involved in a bicycle accident, you can at least mitigate the risk. By adhering to the aforementioned suggestions, you will be able to protect yourself as much as possible each time you hop on your bike in Mobile.

Accidents Aren’t Always Unavoidable and They Can Lead to Catastrophic Injuries

Staying visible and avoiding aggressive maneuvers are great steps to take to avoid being involved in an accident in Alabama. Unfortunately, however, no matter how safely you cycle, it is often the actions of other drivers on the road that matter the most. To elaborate, drivers may operate their vehicle too fast, while intoxicated, or while distracted, and in doing so, their negligence may lead to a serious accident involving a bicyclist.

And as could be expected, the injuries sustained in a bicycle collision are often severe, and many may lead to lifelong disabilities. Specifically, the following provides a brief list of some of the most common injuries sustained in bicycle accidents in Mobile:

  • Broken bones;
  • Cuts and lacerations;
  • Soft tissue injuries;
  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Burn injuries; and
  • Amputations.

In the aftermath of many of these injuries, victims will generally need to undergo significant medical treatment in order to recover, and may be left with lasting impairments and scars to remind them of the crash. In other cases, the cyclist may be killed in the wreck, leaving their family members to grieve and figure out how to move forward in their wake.

How a Skilled Mobile Alabama Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You after a Bicycle Accident

Of course, upon being injured or losing a loved one in a bicycle accident, few victims or surviving family members may be eager to contact an attorney. Instead, they may be far too overwhelmed by medical bills and grief to think about the legal process.

It is exactly at this moment that an experienced Alabama personal injury attorney should be retained. It is the job of a skilled attorney to act as both a pillar of support, as well as an advocate in recovering the compensation you need to overcome your injuries.

At the Law Office of J. Allan Brown, LLC, we pride ourselves on providing each case with the personal attention it deserves, and treating our clients with respect and care as they recover from injuries or the loss of a loved one. We will work aggressively on your behalf to hold liable parties responsible and to ensure you recover the damages necessary to move on with your life. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a consultation at (251) 473-6691 or through our online contact form.

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