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school bus accident attorney

Avoiding Accidents with School Buses and at Bus Stops

By J. Allan Brown |

While a small percentage of all accidents involve school transportation vehicles, any school bus-related accident is a tragedy. Nationwide, there are about 131 fatalities each year resulting from school bus crashes. More than 374,000 Alabama students ride school buses each day to and from school, putting more than 66 million miles on our state’s… Read More »

Pool Safety in Alabama Pools - Law Office J. Allan Brown

Staying Safe in a Public Pool in Alabama

By J. Allan Brown |

During the hot summer months in Alabama, few activities are quite as enjoyable as relaxing with the family at a public pool. Indeed, public pools in Mobile offer enjoyment for all members of the family, and visiting these attractions are certainly a favorite pastime for many throughout the state. However, a day at the… Read More »

do I have a wrongful death case?

Do I Have a Wrongful Death Case?

By J. Allan Brown |

Negligence can not only cause injuries but also lead to the tragic loss of life. A distracted driver that causes a deadly accident, a careless landlord who creates unsafe conditions, or an incompetent medical provider that makes a mistake during an operation are all examples of actions that can lead to catastrophe. If a… Read More »

Alabama Playground Accident Attorney - Law Office of J. Allan Brown

Injuries on the Playground – Negligence or Just an Accident?

By J. Allan Brown |

Although summer is in full swing, in just a few short months parents will be sending their kids back to school for another year. And while the school year is filled with classroom learning, for many kids, the most fun is had outside of the building on the playground. Nearly every school day, kids… Read More »

Injuries on land owned by Alabama or the Federal Government - Law Office of J. Allan Brown

Injuries on Federal & State Land – Parks and Office Buildings – Who pays for my injuries?

By J. Allan Brown |

Any type of injury has the potential to cause devastating financial loss and ongoing pain and suffering. The one consolation for personal injury victims is that they have the right to sue the person or organization responsible for their injuries. However, this looks much different when the injury took place in a park or… Read More »

Boat Accident Attorney - Law Office of J. Allan Brown

What do I do after a boating accident in Alabama?

By J. Allan Brown |

According to the United States Coast Guard (USCG), the top five types of boating accidents in 2016 included collision with a recreational vehicle, collision with a fixed object, flooding and swamping, grounding, and capsizing. The USCG recorded 4,463 of these types of accidents in 2016. As a result of these accidents, 701 people died… Read More »

boating accident

How To Avoid Boating Accidents

By J. Allan Brown |

What is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience can sometimes result in damage to property, injury, or death. This can be the case where boating is concerned. The top five primary boating accident types according to the U.S. Coast Guard are collision with recreational vessel, collision with fixed object, flooding/swamping, grounding, and capsizing. Within… Read More »

truck accidents

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

By J. Allan Brown |

Truck accidents are some of the most devastating accident types, and when an accident involving a truck and a smaller vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian occur, the results are often catastrophic, if not fatal. Comprehending the root causes of trucking accident can help prevent accidents from occurring, and help you gain an understanding of who may… Read More »

commercial truck accidents in alabama

Accidents with Commercial Vehicles

By J. Allan Brown |

Being involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle can be a terrifying experience; these vehicles are often much larger than passenger cars, and they can cause severe damages when involved in a collision as such. Not only are these accident types scary and potentially devastating, but the aftermath of an accident with a… Read More »

Medical Malpractice - Law Office of J. Allan Brown

How Do I Know If I Have a Medical Malpractice Suit?

By J. Allan Brown |

There are many factors that determine whether or not you have a provable medical malpractice case. Just because you had a bad outcome, that doesn’t necessarily mean that negligence was to blame. Unfortunately, complications occur in medicine which could leave a patient in a worse state of health than before a medical procedure, but… Read More »

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