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bus accident We certainly hope you never need our assistance following an accident with a bus, but if you have been injured by a bus of any kind, please call us as soon as you can. J. Allen Brown has the experience you will need to recover full and fair compensation after a bus accident. 

When you say goodbye to your children in the morning as they pull away on their school bus, you certainly assume they will make it safely to school. But experience tells us that safety may not be foremost on the mind of the driver or the bus operator.

Similar to semi-truck accidents, bus accidents can be complicated and require an experienced bus accident personal injury lawyer to understand and litigate the situation in your favor.

A bus can be defined many ways, but you can be certain that it has the potential to carry a large number of passengers therefore has the potential for great injury in an accident.

School Bus Accident

You may not be aware that even as politicians and school officials talk about safety for our students, the majority of school buses still do not have seat belts.

The reason – a federal cost analysis determined the cost of adding seat belts to a school bus weighing over 10,000 pounds does not pay off in safety. Seat belts are required on busses that weigh less.

Still, it seems to be an oversight that children, who are already often out of their seat on a bus, do not have the added security of a seat belt.

Still, six states, California, Louisiana, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Texas require seat belts on school buses, especially the newer ones.

Alabama does not, though the University of Alabama is studying the impact of adding seat belts on a limited number of state buses. The University Transportation Center found that in a rollover or side-impact crash involving a school bus, seat belts can reduce fatalities by 39 percent and injuries by 13 percent.

Fortunately, fatal school bus accidents are rare, making up less than one percent of fatal collisions between 2005 and 2014. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports about 134 die in school bus-related crashes annually. 

While bus riders account for 8 percent of those fatalities, pedestrians, bicycle riders, and others around the bus make up 21 percent of the fatalities. Riders in other vehicles make up the rest of the fatalities. 

Commercial Bus Accidents

Like school buses, commercial carriers are not required by the federal government to have seat belts. However, Greyhound has decided to become the first carrier in the industry to have belted seats on its busses that travel across the country.

Regardless of whether adults or children are onboard, injuries can include:

* Traumatic Brain Injury
* Injury to Limbs and spinal cord
* Burns and Bleeding
* Internal Damage

Investigating Your Alabama Bus Accident

As part of our legal representation, we will need to determine who owns and operates the bus and the degree of negligence. Attorney Brown will make sure that the driver had been properly vetted and licensed, and that he had the required medical clearances.

While conventional carriers (which deliver passengers from one terminal to another) say they put safety first and are required to follow federal rules, one cannot say the same for budget bus lines that may make short runs or serve a particular city or operate as a charter for private groups. 

They are experiencing a huge increase in passengers over the last decade but the National Transportation Safety Board confirms that they are not as safe as conventional buses, such as Greyhound.

Curbside carriers, as they are called, have more driver fitness violations and violations of the hours-of-service rules, which indicates drivers may be fatigued.

Bus brokers who sell tickets on curbside buses are not required to follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules to be registered. That is information a passenger is not told when he purchases a ticket.

As part of his investigation, attorney Brown will determine if your bus driver had adequate experience and training. Was he tired on the road? Was he texting or watching a video? Was he driving recklessly and distracted behind the wheel while speeding?

Mr. Brown’s investigation will also determine the bus company’s commitment to safety. Did it have a history of accidents? Had it maintained its fleet? 

When was the last time the bus had a thorough inspection?  Were the tires new and when had they last been checked? Were the brakes maintained?

Is there a second set of books that indicate how long the driver was actually on the road without adequate rest?

Alabama Bus Accident Attorney

The most important thing you can do after a bus accident in Alabama is to call attorney J. Allen Brown. He will immediately begin his investigation into the cause of the accident and uncover the at-fault party. He will also make sure you receive the correct type of medical care required for your condition.

Under Alabama law, the facts of our investigation will form the basis of a personal injury claim on your behalf against the at-fault driver who then is financially responsible for your injuries. 

We work on a contingency basis, which means we are paid only when you recover a settlement for your injuries.

We will seek to recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries and for your pain and suffering. Whether minor injuries or catastrophic, compensation can be sought for ongoing medical bills and chronic conditions, even a lifetime of pain.

J. Allen Brown has the sensitivity and experience you will need during this crucial time. Let him take the load off so you can focus on recovery. Call our office today at 251.220.3199 or contact us online for a free consultation and case review.

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