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Knee Injuries

knee injury

It is unfortunate, but knee injuries are very likely to occur during an accident. Alabama personal injury attorney, J. Allan Brown, is available for a complimentary consultation if you feel the accident that injured your knee was not your fault.

Types of Knee Damage

Kneecap – The kneecap or patella is the protective shield for the entire knee. A break or dislocation can impact how the knee moves forever. 

For example, a break can be clean and cause minimal shifting of the knee structure but an intense impact can fracture the patella, misaligning the knee or causing bone fragments to float in the knee area. Obviously, extreme pain accompanies this type of injury.

Often surgery is your only treatment which will need to be followed by physical therapy. 

  • Torn Ligament Injury – Knee ligaments essentially hold the knee together. This elastic tissue stabilizes the knee joint and connects the fibula to the tibia and femur allowing for a smooth forward walking motion. A tear to the ligament can affect mobility.
  • A Meniscus Injury – The rubbery knee cartilage that cushions the thigh bone from the shinbone is the meniscus. In an impact, either the two pieces of cartilage known as the medial meniscus, or the lateral meniscus can be twisted or rotated. A damaged meniscus may not be able to provide padding between the femur and tibia, making movement difficult causing pain and swelling, and may require surgery.
  • Tibial Plateau Injury – The area at the top of the shinbone, the tibia can fracture during an intense impact with a dashboard or any hard surface, essentially causing the knee to crush in. It takes with it damage to the ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.

Your Alabama Personal Injury Attorney
During an initial complimentary consultation, J. Allan Brown will discuss the at-fault party in your accident case. That person is negligent and therefore liable for your injuries. We will discuss the circumstances of the accident that may point to the negligent party.

J. Allan Brown will use witness accounts, video footage, phone records, arrest records of the negligent party, and the police report to determine negligence. With his help, you have a better chance of recovering medical expenses, lost wages, both now and in the future, the cost of your vehicle’s damage, and pain and suffering.

Typically recovery from a knee injury can take a long time, impacting your ability to work as you undergo physical therapy and even surgery.

J. Allan Brown has decades of experience in determining the negligent party to help you receive compensation for the damage the at-fault driver caused. 

Even in Alabama with its contributory negligence statute, Mr. Brown has worked to successfully identify the negligent party who is responsible to cover the cost of the car accident.

Call his Mobile office for a complimentary consultation so you can feel confident about moving forward.  

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