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Apps You Should Always Have on Your Phone in Case of an Accident

phone apps for car accidents

In the critical moment after a car crash, evidence on the scene is vital for eventually helping you with your insurance claim against the at-fault driver. The evidence available now may not be for much longer.

Since a typical Alabama driver has a greater than one-in-three chance of being in a serious auto accident in their lifetime, loading your smartphone with an “app” or application software is one way to be prepared. The app will allow you to perform specific tasks if you are injured and unable to do so.

Fortunately, there are several apps you can put on your smartphone to help you right after the accident. And these apps are free.

If you, your passenger, or the other party are injured, calling for medical help is the most critical first step. The following apps will help with the immediate instructions on proceeding immediately following the crash and enable you to contact the proper authorities.

Five Apps for Your Phone

SOSmart (iOS/Android) – When you open this app before you hit the road, it provides crash-detection monitoring. It sends an emergency notification if you are in a collision, automatically calling your local emergency first responders for assistance. Nearby hospitals and the fastest routes to get to them will be displayed on the app. Don’t forget to take photos from the accident scene and gather the names of any witnesses.

iWrecked (iOS/Android) – Pre-stored emergency contact information will instantaneously call the right people following your car accident. The app helps you collect insurance information and generate a PDF accident report on your phone, collect information from the other driver, and take photos of the scene.
AxiKit Accident Report Kit (iOS/Android)
– This free app uses built-in tools to help you process the collection of data after a collision. This app reinforces what you should say and not say when making a statement, tells you how to gather eyewitness accounts, records the witness’s voice, and provides a checklist of photos needed from the scene. 

CamOnRoad (iOS/Android) – There will be no question about who caused a car accident when recorded on this dashboard camera. This app records driving activity before the crash and will help you prove that the other driver was at fault for your accident.

Honk (iOS/Android) – This free android provides roadside service with tow services starting at $49.00 nationwide. Following a car accident, Honk brings you a tow truck right away and is increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional roadside services. The tow service is 24/7, with more than 30,000 trucks available.

Other apps to consider:

AAA- The classic roadside assistance program has added the Auto Club app. AAA is the place to go if you are locked out of your car, run out of gas, or need to repair a tire. Triple A can deliver free roadside assistance benefits, including information on where to find a rental vehicle.

Your Insurance company – Likely has an app. It will contain your insurance information that you may not be able to access following a crash. Keeping it on your phone is a handy way to exchange information with the other driver. Take pictures on the app to send to your insurance agent.

Openroad – unlike urban areas where you can access police and services following a crash, in more remote areas, Openroad detects a collision and notifies your loved ones, and can pinpoint your location for emergency services to respond.

Your Alabama Auto Accident Attorney

After you call for medical services and first responders, then contact an experienced auto accident attorney. J. Allan Brown will quickly respond with a complimentary consultation to help you file your claim.

Suppose the at-fault driver does not want to take responsibility. In that case, Mr. Brown has decades of experience in aggressively negotiating your claim for compensation to cover medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages. If necessary, he will prepare to take your claim to court.

Contact the law office of J. Alan Brown to receive a thorough assessment of your claims and the options you can access. Call to arrange a complimentary consultation at (251) 473-6691.

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