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How Dashcam Footage Can Impact a Car Accident Case

dashcam footage in a car accident

Have you ever wished you had recorded a car accident just before it happened? You could see that the other driver was changing lanes erratically and driving way above the safe speed limit.

If only there were some way to show others what you witnessed on the road?

Technology has integrated itself into every aspect of our lives, including what is happening when we are behind the wheel.

They are called dashboard cameras, dashcams, event data recorders (EDR), or digital video recorders (car DVR). They are video recorders mounted on the dashboard or the rearview mirror that continually records what the driver sees through the windshield.

Some dashcams also include a camera to record what’s happening inside the car within 360 degrees. They can have a standard or high-definition resolution, including night vision. Some dashcams use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G connectivity to record audio. A motion detector may be added to record when it senses motion outside of your parked car, and someone approaches.

So, with this relatively inexpensive technology, you can make sure you are not blamed for being the at-fault party responsible for the costs associated with a car accident.

Dashcams and Car Accidents

Police departments often use dashcams in police vehicles during traffic stops. For the consumer, a dashcam can mean you have all the support you need if you are involved in a car accident.

If the at-fault driver is exhibiting signs of road rage, driving drunk, driving tired, or too fast for conditions such as a driving rainstorm, you have the evidence that the accident was not your fault.

Dashcams are a reliable way to recount the events that led up to the accident instead of relying on a witness who may not have had a good view of the accident or may not recall what happened.

Alabama law allows you to record audio in your car without telling everyone they are being recorded, as long as at least one other person knows the recording is being made.

When the police arrive on the scene after a car accident and the other driver tells their side of the story, your camera will tell a completely different story that shows the actual liable party.

Did the other driver run the light? Did he cut you off or refuse to yield the right-of-way at an intersection? For as little as about $50, a dashcam provides a reliable safety net for whatever you may encounter on the road. There are even free dashcam apps that you can put on your smartphone

A dashcam can provide the evidence needed to present to the insurance company to encourage them to offer a fair settlement.

Be careful though. If you exhibit reckless behavior, the camera will not help you prove your innocence. In fact, it will do the opposite.

Suppose you were distracted, talking about a song on the radio, talking on the phone, reaching for something on the floor, changing lanes quickly, or generally driving recklessly. In that case, a dashboard camera will tell that story too.

Also, consider that the other driver may have a dashcam. You may have some difficulty obtaining that video after an accident. Police may help, but what if the other driver refuses to turn it over?

Call attorney J. Allan Brown immediately so that he can act to use that crucial evidence to your advantage. Call him early on before that evidence disappears.

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