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All About Red Light Running Accidents

running a red light in Mobile, Alabama

Have you ever been behind the wheel at an intersection and seen someone run the red light? Most of us have, and you can’t help but think – what if I had been in that intersection as the light allowed?

While most of us follow the rules, there is always someone who is in a hurry and doesn’t think the rules of the road apply to him. This is reckless behavior, and if this driver hits you, you may be able to file a personal injury claim if you were hurt in the crash.

If you find yourself in this situation, after calling for medical help, you will need the skilled guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney such as J. Allan Brown. You may be eligible to file an action against the at-fault driver to recover what you have lost due to the accident.

Red Light Accidents

Unlike other car accidents, a red-light accident may occur when one vehicle increases its speed to get through the intersection. Increased speed increases your chances of injury.

A study from AAA found that 939 people died in red-light running accidents in 2017. That was a substantial increase from prior years and a ten-year high.

Most red-light runners did it because they thought they wouldn’t be caught. Regardless, it is against the law and could contribute to a serious offense such as vehicular manslaughter.

No doubt you will be shocked after the crash, but there are specific actions you should take.

  • If there are injuries, call for an ambulance and police presence
  • Police will make a report
  • Please do not talk to the other driver other than to get their information, license, insurance number, VIN number of the vehicle
  • Anything you say at the scene can be used against you by the insurer for the at-fault driver. Make no statements
  • Collect the names of any potential witnesses to the accident
  • Call Attorney J. Allan Brown for some guidance on how to proceed. A consultation is complimentary and will give you some sound advice during this troubling time.

When driving through an intersection, hover over the brake and be prepared to stop when you enter the intersection. Always drive defensively.

If you are involved in such an accident, you must stop and not leave the scene.

A Failure to Act

Several actions you take right after an auto accident can affect the outcome of any lawsuit you file. If you are injured, you must seek medical care sooner rather than later.

In your accident injury claim, you will file for compensation for all of your medical bills; however, if you delay seeking medical help, it could be argued by the other side that you weren’t that badly injured.

It will also be essential that a police report is filed in a red-light accident.

Make sure you alert the police and that a report is written. The police are the only ones you should talk to, not anyone else at the scene, especially the insurance company representative for the other driver.

The first thing your attorney will look at is the police report and the outcome of the investigation. It will aid your attorney in making a convincing personal injury claim.

Your attorney will look at any additional evidence that police may not have included in their investigation, including witness reports, security cameras in the area, and records from the mobile carrier for the at-fault driver. 

The at-fault driver was distracted by his cell phone just before the crash in many instances. We know that his action was negligent because it violates traffic safety laws intended to avoid such a collision.

Your Mobile, AL Auto Accident Attorney

Attorney J. Allan Brown understands the importance of gathering evidence to prove your personal injury claim. The other side will try to blame you because, under Alabama’s contributory negligence statute, the insurer may not have to cover your costs if they can prove you shared in any fault.

Mr. Brown has years of experience dealing with insurers and he is very familiar with the tactics they use to avoid being accountable. He will work hard to recover the cost of pain and suffering, property damage, and medical bills.

The consultation is complimentary. Reach our Mobile office today at (251) 220-3100 or make an appointment online.

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