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Ways to Maximize Your Alabama Car Accident Settlement

Ways to Maximize Your Alabama Car Accident Settlement

It may not seem like it, but you can maximize your Alabama car accident settlement value in many ways. At this stressful time, please do not hesitate to contact a compassionate, competent, and experienced Alabama Car Accident Attorney.  

For decades, attorney J. Allan Brown has been helping accident victims receive a fair settlement from the at-fault party. 

While Mr. Brown can do a great deal to maximize your car accident settlement, it’s important to remember that you can play a crucial role in improving your outcome. Working together as a team can significantly enhance your chances of a favorable settlement.

First-Medical Attention

You or a loved one are injured and at the scene of an Alabama car accident. It is an excellent idea to seek medical help for those in need. Even if you don’t think you are injured, it’s always a good idea to be checked out medically. You may not be aware of soft tissue or any other injuries because you are still in shock.  

The medical and rehabilitation documents following your car accident will become part of your case record.

Second-Evidence at the Scene 

You or a friend should gather evidence at the scene right after the car accident. Elements of an accident tend to disappear, so be sure to take pictures with your cell phone. If you have a dash cam, that will show police investigators how the crash happened. 

Please take note of whether there are any witnesses who can tell you what they saw. Are there any mounted street cameras? They, too, should clearly show who was at fault for causing the accident. 

Gathering evidence is essential because the insurer, on the other hand, will claim you are partially to blame for your car accident. Under the Alabama rule of contributory negligence, the defendant is not financially responsible for the injury if the injured individual did anything to contribute to the accident, even if it was minor.   

This is an excellent advantage to the insurance industry, which will try to avoid covering your damages. 

The police report will be a significant element in proving who caused the accident. Still, you and your attorney may need to hire your own crash investigator if the police report is incomplete.  

At the Scene 

It’s worth remembering that you should not attempt to speak to the other driver or drivers after the accident. Even if you are polite and want to find out if they are okay, anything you say can and will be used against you by the insurance company.  

Yours is an adversarial relationship from the accident point forward. Even if the insurance adjuster is so nice and reaches out to see how you are and then offers you a settlement, remember,  they are not being nice; they are working for the insurance company, not you.  

Your Recovery 

You will need to chronicle your recovery from the car accident, so keeping a pain journal can be used by your attorney to prove your injuries.  

This should be a complete record of how you feel in the morning, the medications you take, how your movement is limited, what your lifestyle consists of today, any trips you may have had to cancel, and work hours that have been cut back. Maybe you are permanently injured and have had your position reduced within the company. Have you had to hire help to do the everyday things you cannot do? 

Over time, your medical condition will change. You will either improve or not. All of these elements are essential components of your case. 

Your Mobile, Alabama Car Accident Attorney 

Attorney J. Allan Brown reminds you that you have a time limit to file your case and seek medical care. The courts take these limits seriously, and so should you.  

Even if you think you are not injured, it is always best to have a medical workup to see what injuries you may not even know. 

Attorney Brown is ready to offer a compassionate ear during a complimentary consultation to discuss your potential case and how to move forward.  

Call his Mobile office at (251) 473-6691 to explore your options. Mr. Brown offers personalized support based on years of listening to individuals and their stories after a car accident.   

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